Funding Against Owned Bank Guarantee / Standby Letter of Credit

To start or execute a business you need capital. Almost no one has enough money to start the business that he wants and has to resort to borrowings to finance the capital cost of the project. This starts from the money required to buy the land on which to start the business, construction of the structure in which the business will be housed, purchasing the required plant and machinery that the business requires, creating the required infrastructure, arranging the part of the working capital required as margin, and then there are always unseen and contingency funds for the same. Funding Advisory Services Limited can arrange for funding/loans against your Owned Bank Guarantee / Standby Letter of Credit facilities at most competitive rates of interest to enable you finance your requirement of capital to start or execute a business. We will strive to offer you the maximum possible finance at the minimum possible cost.



Funding/Loans Against Leased Bank Guarantee/Standby Letter of Credit For companies

For companies experiencing tough financial times, it is not always easy to convince their bankers to grant finance and loans when they are needed the most. It is common to find highly geared companies in times of recession and often companies have borrowed to the hilt of their assets. Some companies may not have any borrowings at all; not because they are financially independent, but because banks and lenders will not grant any credit to them. Bankers and Lenders alike will demand security for any loans or investment. If the company has already used available equity or does not have access to strong security, the options of borrowing are dramatically decreased. Shareholders can of course be approached to raise further capital and the options of Bond Offerings and Private Placements may also be made. However, these avenues are not always the best course of action, or the most economical. They can be long, drawn-out processes and the company may not have the time or the money to launch such complex financial actions. In these circumstances, it may simply be preferable to import or lease collateral assets to offer as security for conventional borrowings. And Funding Advisory Services Limited will grant loans to you against such Leased Bank Guarantee / Standby Letter of Credit. To understand these procedures and to receive more information, we would be very pleased to hear from you.



Loan Against Securities


Everybody has his investments. Every man has his needs of money. Many a times you might need funds but are reluctant to let sell your stock portfolio because of expected rise in the market, or cannot encash your debt investment as there is still time to maturity of the same. Funding Advisory Services Limited can come in to help you by providing loan against such approved securities and the only security that is required is the said investments. We can ensure that we get you the best deals for your requirement of loans against securities with the maximum possible finance at the minimum possible rates.